The Circle….My Gift from God….My Circle…

Awww the circle…my circle. I call them that because I feel like a small dot surrounded by this circle of Wakanda Women!

I once complained a lot that my family didn’t believe in what I was doing, that they were not interested and could not see what I was called to do. So one day while I was complaining as usual, God stopped me and said “why are you complaining, I already took care of that. Don’t you see the circle of women I placed around you that believe as I do in you?”

I never complained again.

This part here really chokes me up…my true circle! When I think of these amazing women that God has placed in my life, I am speechless. They are beautiful, they are strong, they are so smart and gifted. They are giving and my biggest cheerleaders…my supporters. They see me in a way I don’t even see myself, but they have shown me what my Father says about me…I am made in His image.

It all started shortly before I left my career of 19 years. We would sneak and have bible study at my house because most of these women worked for me. It was not allowed for us to fraternize outside of work. They were truly my sisters that were just playing the role as supervisor/employee. So we hid our true relationship. These are the women who were there when I went through depression, anxiety and PTSD. They were the first to hear that God spoke to me. Not one of them thought I was crazy. They prayed for me and taught me how to receive help which I had a very hard time doing. They have never left my side. I love you Kristie, Angelina, Regina, and Elizabeth.

Then when I decided “ok God I will try and do this spa owner thing.” So I quit again working at the largest spa due to a non-compete contract and enrolled in a women’s accelerate course. Here I am with my friend/business partner surrounded by 10 women entrepreneurs competing against each other and the director of the programs approaches me and says God is telling me to form a prayer group where we pray for each other’s business. So now instead of wishing for each other to lose, we were praying for each other’s success. We met once a week to pray for each other’s business which turned into we need to take this future and choose to do life together. Where we opened our lives to each other and grew into a friendship where I call them my sisters. We studied the Bible together, prayed, ate good food and God Bless the wine too! We met consistently for 3 years. See they didn’t have the baggage of religion like I did. I learned of a loving Father, King and a friend. I also finally grasped a relationship with God and learned what relationship with Him looked like through them… love you Faith, Corey, Cindy, Sue, Kathy,and Candis BGB.

My girl, my sister who took that huge jump off the cliff with me. I am so grateful to you. We had our bumps and bruises on the way! Girl, we didn’t know how we were going to eat or pay bills. But God provided for us! I am so proud you opening your own business, Pathway to Paradise and I will always pray and support you. They don’t make them like you. Love you, Faith!!

Have you ever gone to work for one of your closes friends and you just got to have some of the besssssst God conversations ever? It would be so good, either your crying or praising Him! I witnessed again, a strong woman who is an entrepreneur and I got a front row seat to what God was preparing her for. The struggles and the wins…what it looks like never to give up and to trust God? I was/am honored to be in the front row seeing this happen for you, my friend since 1994. Love you Taren Plesinger Kinebrew!!

When God crosses your path with one of the baddest Boss lady mentors on this earth and she brings you into her home and believes in you and ready to just pour into you. She loves God and she loves her family! She wants women to change the world! Love you, Sonia Jackson Myles.

My girl who was such an outsider to the first group but came all up into the bible study group and hasn’t left my side! My biggest cheerleader! A boss lady that I couldn’t afford her talents and she makes me look like a superstar! The mother of my God daughter, a sister for life. We have some of the most interesting questions for God!! We have shared so much together. We lay it all on the line for each other. I Love how our friendship is so rooted in God and we pursue him daily. I love you Elizabeth aka E!

My sister, my friend. Our conversation run from A-Z most important we share a love for God and growing into the women He has called us to be. We have so much fun together and you have always supported me. Thank you for doing life with me during some of my most difficult days. I love you Maisha!

What was a first & new facial client quickly grew into a special friendship. I would be so excited when I saw your name on my appointment book because I knew it was going to be a motiving conversation I needed. You keep me on my toes. You are so beautiful inside and out. Your talent is undeniable, and you are always are willing to help me. We have cried and laughed during facials. I always feel bad like I should be paying you when you get a facial because I feel like I get so much out of it. I love you Karah!

Last but not least my baby girl Bailey. I hope I have been a good example of a woman for you. Kids are always watching their parents. You are a good, beautiful, strong, intelligent young woman! I’m proud of you! You were the first one who sowed a seed into my purpose. I love you to Life!!

In closing, this is nothing but God being persistent with surrounding me with people, my sisters, my friends…who bring out the best in me. I have learned to be relentless in having a sisterhood, a network of authentic people who constantly challenge me as much as I have learned to challenge myself.

Remarkable people beget remarkable people.