What is it like to hear Gods voice? 

When I heard God say “this is the way I want you to serve” it  wasn’t externally audible, it was internally audible. It, also, was not  in my realm of thinking. The definitive voice left no room for
interpretation or doubt of what I heard…as clear as if someone was speaking to me directly.

Immediately after I heard His voice I closed my eyes and saw for the first time in my life a vision from God…a visual representation of my purpose.  What spoke to me deeply wasn’t what the vision was but the intensity & depth of the colors that demonstrated my vision. I witnessed the brightest yellows against the most intense reds that only He can create. It was as if they were of jewels.

Even after experiencing that intensity & excitement, I immediately told God no. I’m just  going to look at these colors and ignore the big picture because there is no way I can do that.

So, a year goes by and I’m working at the largest spa in Cincinnati. I’m in  my groove loving it, doing my new-found passion. What more could I  want? Oh, but God!! The vision came back and back again. I repeatedly told Him – “God I can’t  open a spa. I’m not qualified, not special enough. I’m not smart enough, nope I can’t do it. I’m fearful!!! YOU KNOW ME!!!”

Then I had a “aha” moment – I can trick God…..and decided to the spa will be in my basement! I will have it remodeled and my friends and family can come and get self-care here! Yes, I figured out how to “please” Him, get Him off my back and do what I love!!! HA!

The remodeling began, lots of money went into this and I planned an open house for all to see what I did and to experience what I could offer. The day of the open house before my guests arrived I heard from Him again, so clearly….” Do NOT charge.” What? Am I coo-coo is this really God speaking to me? I flung myself on my couch and cried…literally…”Whyyyyyyy, can’t I charge? I did what you said…well, kind of.” His response was because you are thinking way too small…you are playing it safe and this is NOT the vision I gave you. Do not charge this is where you will serve.

What became so amazing to me how hard it was for people to accept me not charging them!! When I would tell them no charge per God they would insist on
paying me. I would have to say no really God said DO NOT CHARGE! I had to have a rule before they scheduled – if you come then you must receive God’s Grace – no payment!! And from there I never charged. I knew this was not the end and that this is NOT where He wanted me and as long as I was in my basement – faking it to please Him…and me… then I would not be serving my purpose, fulfilling His vision or be fruitful.

Praise break until the next update…….

Proverbs 3 verses 5-6:
Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. 

2 thoughts on “What is it like to hear Gods voice? ”

  1. Hallelujah! Be blessed and encouraged!! Looking forward to experiencing your services. A friend of mine, Gwen Parham shared the joy of her experience with our Sista Circle.

  2. I cried while reading your testimony. I believe in “giving back.” May I donate essential oils to your guests? In addition, I am a 3x cancer survivor and would love to receive a facial and massage. Please contact Charlene, 513.417.5243.

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