Soothe Your Soul Relaxation Massage

An introductory massage designed to calm and renew the mind, body, and spirit by decreasing stress, anxiety, and tension. This relaxation focused massage will utilize a variety of techniques that help to reduce muscle toxins, improve blood circulation, increase flexibility and instill a greater sense of well-being.

60 min: $65 + Tax (Effective 2.1.19)

90 min: $95 + Tax (Effective 2.1.19)

120 min: $125 + Tax (Effective 2.1.19)

Revive, Renew, and Rejuvenate Therapeutic Massage

A massage that strategically targets chronic discomfort caused by severe tension in the muscles, tendons and fascia. This customized corrective massage utilizes a combination of techniques that will help restore, re-balance, and promote long-term comfort by reducing overall aches and pains.

60 min: $65 + Tax (Effective 2.1.19)

90 min: $95 + Tax (Effective 2.1.19)

120 min: $125 + Tax(Effective 2.1.19)

Because each time slot is equivalent to hands-on time, when scheduling your appointment please plan to add approximately 15 minutes to include a brief consultation before and after your session for the body massages.

Grace + Grit Foot Massage

*For individuals or couples*

Come experience a relaxing leg and foot massage in our pedicure chair(s).  Not only is it a fabulous way to practice regular self-care, but its a great way disconnect from the stress of the day.   Let us relax and stimulate your  muscles with a foot massage that will deliver a positive effect for the entire body.

We often take our feet for granted.  WE RESTORE THROUGH TOUCH! How about showing them some much needed love.

Experience the warmth of hot towels, rub away dead skin and moisturize with a 25 minute massage that will ensure your feet are planted and rooted.

Individual: $30

Couples: $55 **Go to Service Bundle under Book Now! to book for a Couple**

These foot massages will be seated massages in our pedicure chairs.