I Use To Be So Embarrassed To Share This Story….

I used to be so embarrassed to share this story and today I know I need to share it because it is a crucial point in my journey.

Three & a half years ago I am continuing my journey of opening a spa. I had $30k in savings. I also had a business partner who was and is to this day a good friend. One day I was talking to our mentor and a decision had to be made that myself and my business partner / friend did not agree on and then I did it…here comes the moment that disappointed me…. “well, I’m the one with the money”. As soon as those words came out of my mouth I knew that’s was not the person I wanted to be & I knew I had just made a mistake as the words flew out my mouth. I could not take them back and immediately the Holy Spirit corrected me. He said “soooo you think this spa is about you and your $30K? Soooo you have forgotten that this spa is for my Glory?” The Holy Spirit then told me “you will do this Spa without a penny to your name.” What?!?! No, how in the world can this even happen – no money?!?! But I knew immediately that I would not have that $30K and it started to fly out of my account. It was so clear to me that I started giving the money away. Then God sat me down for 3 years in SILENCE. I was stopped in my tracks and the launching the spa stopped. I continued developing my skills as a Esthetician, working those catering & admin jobs and nothing came to light regarding me launching the spa. NOTHING! I had no idea how to move forward or even how to have a conversation about opening a spa with NO MONEY. I had to stay still & wait for Him to speak to me again.

I always believed because I knew I heard from God. After 3 years of silence (in February)I ran into someone who is a successful entrepreneur and the first thing she said was “What’s up with the spa?” I wanted to crawl in a hole every time someone asked about the spa. But I reminded myself this is God’s plan not yours. I humbly told her the spa will happen but I need God to breathe life back into it. And that very night I got a phone call that breathed life back into my purpose. I was puzzled why I was getting a random call from this person so late. When I answered he said “Crystal, I got a space for you! I just need you to come make it your own.” I just felt the breath of God!!! And God reminded me – you don’t have the money to do it but I can do all things. As I shared this with my family, my daughter was the first one who said I believe in you and gave me $500. My sister said I believe in you here is $1k. Then my father said I believe in you here is $1k. Then my grandfather called and said you know your Grandmother (who I lost in December) would have wanted to give you this here is $1k. My circle of sister-friends immediately said let’s go and jumped in and offered all their expertise!! He keeps telling me that this is not my battle to get this spa open I just need you to receive my Grace and have the Grit to stand in my promise!!!. I will bring this forth and he will make non-believers into believers. Hence the new name – Grace & Grit, LLC.

Thank you for taking the time to hear more about my journey!

2 thoughts on “I Use To Be So Embarrassed To Share This Story….”

  1. I am crying tears of joy reading your story. Thankful that you listened and allowed the Holy Spirit to guide and to orchestrate your vision. Congratulations and I plan to visit soon.

  2. Crystal, it was so wonderful to run into you in Trader Joe’s after so long. So proud of you in your journey and honesty about that journey. It will be a roaring success in the most profound way. Sending love, Yvonne

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